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Gain centimeter level visibility throughout your road

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Service/system concept

Valerann provides road operators with the precise real-time location and trajectory of every single vehicle on the road, down to 10cm resolution. Valerann uses machine learning and AI algorithms to identify traffic anomalies and classify them into specific incidents that require attention. For example, a vehicle breakdown will appear as a trajectory that slows down and veers towards the hard shoulder, eventually coming to a full stop.

Valerann deploys a grid of IoT sensors, which replace plastic or metallic road markers. These units detect vehicles passing in their vicinity. This information is wirelessly transmitted to a road-side gateway that then sends the information onwards, via satellite uplink, to Valerann’s cloud server. Our algorithms then organise digital impressions of the many vehicles into the unique trajectories of each individual vehicle.

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Technology: Welcome
Technology: Welcome


Space technologies provide three main layers of value-addition:

Expedited installation: Using space technology, Valerann will enhance the installation process to digitally associate a precise GPS coordinate with each sensor as they are installed. In this way, the cloud will be able to calculate the precise location and distances between different sensors to inform its algorithms, expediting the deployment process.

Expanded coverage: As a default, Valerann’s system uses cellular connectivity. However, many roads do not have stable cellular coverage: in the UK, 47% of highways lack stable 4G coverage and 17% of highways have no cellular reception at all. Satellite communication will broaden the use of Valerann’s system to include such roads that currently cannot access it.

External interface: Valerann’s system is designed to inform decision-making by external stakeholders. These include control centres, emergency response services, and (in the future) connected vehicles. These users require a standardised format to receive and transmit information of events. These formats rely on precise geo-location. Instilling GPS into the basis of the system will enable Valerann to communicate and provide valuable information to all stakeholders.

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